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Zincalume Steel Tanks  
The Water Tank India Pre-Fabricated bolted tanks manufactured in cylindrically shape with different capacity from 10,000 litres to 5 million litres. The designing of tanks is in-house highly skilled team of draftsmen and designers ensure that all kind of requirement could be satisfied. We uses the latest technology and 3-D CAD packages, Water Tank India ensure precise, trouble free design.


Water Tank India liquid storage tanks is made-up of Zincalume Steel. It has composition of Zinc, Aluminium & Silicon and Silicon uses as metal bonding agent. These Tanks have Liquid storage media reinforced multi-layer, food grade PVC/PE liner with a woven multifilament scrim or full thickness unreinforced PVC/PE, depending on application. . Zincalume steel has properties of Anti-rust, contamination, Moisture, Anti-Fungal and Heat resistant.

Water Tank India steel storage tanks are extremely beneficial and cost effective for your project as our tanks are widely used for applications like water/effluent water/waste-water/sea-water, alkaline/acidic chemicals/ethanol, solvents and for most of liquids having different density. These tanks are more long lived, low maintenance, aesthetic appealing and price competitive than MS Fabricated/RCC tanks.

The beauty of these tanks is their speed of installations, a 200 cu. meter tanks gets assembled at site in 4-6 days. These are food grade, non-corrosive, internally reinforced PVC lined tanks, with minimum no-maintenance life of 40-60 years.

The available capacity range in India varies with minimum 10,000 litres to maximum 5 million liters with maximum height upto 9.67 meters and diameter upto 23.08 meters.

Our Standard tanks are designed for liquid storage with a pH level between 4 & 12. These tanks can be used for storage of effluent or waste water, sea water, molasses, wine or other alcohols, juice & alkaline/acidic chemicals as well.


• High Grade Reinforced Liner: Forecasted to last 40-60 years in a fully roofed tank. Using a liner ensures there is no contact between the steel structure and the stored water. (no use of silicones or sealants is required)

• Flexible steel wall with a unique and strong corrugated profile. The internal liner and tank shell can move independently of each other

• Modular, kit form structure. Easy to lift and handle, can be installed almost anywhere. Can also be installed on building roof tops and on project sites where space is restricted

• Tanks can be shipped or transported almost anywhere. Each tank knocks down to only 1% of its fully assembled size, allowing us to pack between 15-25 units into a sea container. Tanks can be transported by sea, rail or air if required.

• Completely modular knock down design. All components are of consistent quality as they are produced in a controlled factory environment and checked prior to despatch (in accordance with ISO 9001)

• In the event of accidental damage, all components of the Water Tank India Steels tank are replaceable. This means that the customer does not need to buy a new tank. Replacement parts can be air freighted if required.

• The Water Tank India Steels kit form tanks are demountable and can be relocated to a new location if required.

• Full range of factory pre-coated colors is available. Tanks can also be painted if desired.

• All Water Tank India Steels tanks contain a fully welded one piece liner (like a giant bag) no sealing is required.

• Tank liner is designed to move with any flexing of the tank wall.

• Low cost for high quality product that is built to last. Installation is simple and fast and tanks can be filled immediately upon completion of construction.

• Structural load is very less.

• Flexibility to meet almost any design requirement.

Water Tank India Zincalume Steel Tank comparison with Other Tanks.
Features WTI Tank MS Tank RCC Tank SS Tank PVC Tank
Cost per Litre(Rs) Rs 10.0 - 2.00 Rs 12.0 - 3.00 Rs. 12.0 - 5.00 Rs 95.0 - 35.0 Rs 12.0 - 3.0-
Maintenance Not Required Highly Required Required Not Required Highly Required
Food Grade Yes No No Yes No
Algae Formation No Yes Yes No Yes
Corrosion No Yes Negligible No No
Relocation Easy Difficult Not possible Difficult Easy
Weight Light Heavy Very Heavy Heavy Light
Expandable Yes Yes No No No
Liquid Temperature No change Increase Increase Increase Increase
Life of complete tank 25-40 Yrs 7-15Yrs 30-80 Yrs 60-80Yrs 5-10 Yrs
Need painting/coating No Yes Yes No No
Water Tank India Liners

Water Tank India have different type of liners as per different application. The liner have capability of supporting water pressure of more than 2 kg/sq.cm and upto 180 meters water column , also suitable for storage of a large range of liquids.

Advantages of Water Tank India Liners

• Multi-layer reinforced, permanently bonded with tough multifilament scrim.

• Designed against wicking or capillary attraction as experienced in other multi layer reinforced liner.

• Capable of achieving 20 meters head pressure under pressure testing (far greater than head pressures experienced in even our tallest tank of 10 meters).

• The liner supported food grade PVC/PE liner is primarily used in conjucation with larger commercial design tank. The woven, super tough scrim gives this liner excellent wear resistance without stretching or tearing.

The Standard and commercial liner designs are resistant to a large range of chemicals:

Alkalis such as sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda), Potassium hydroxide and sodium carbonate.

Acids, (confirmation of chemical composition required)

Salts such as sodium chloride

Organic solvents (confirmation of chemicals composition required)

Oils, Alcohols & Molasses.

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