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We manufacture and supply Reinforced Coated PVC AQUACULTURE FARM TANK.

AQUACULTURE FARM TANK design improves space ustilization inside the tank and allows the production of more

pounds of fish per unit of water flow. It is complete set in prefabricated form ready to install.

It is also used in irrigation and rain water harvesting by farmers across India. No need for excavation,

it is ready to install pond in farm.

Shape: Circular, Square and Rectangle.

Capacity: 2000 liter to 4,00,000 liters.

Price: Rs 2 to Rs 5 per liter depend on the volume of order.

Material used: Reinforced Coated PVC.

Thickness: 400 GSM to 1300 GSM (depending upon capacity)

Colour: Choice of colour is on availability.

Inlet/ Outlets: Side/ Central Drain on request. Multiple drains available.

Life: 5 to 10 years depends on usage and other climatic factors.

Key Featrures

 Easy to dismantle and reinstall.

 Low cost price

 Easy to transport and export.

 Quick installation and delivery - 50,000 liters tank can be installed in 1 day.

 Can be used on construction site for temporary purpose.

 Long lasting

 Can be used for different applications.

 3 years warranty.


*Customized thickness and lengths can be supplied based on specific requirements of customers

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